Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Stella Díaz Has Something To Say Blog Post #4

I love visiting Chicago. I love it so much I even made it the setting for Stella Díaz Has Something To Say. While I had visited Chicago a few times, until 2015 I kept missing out on visiting the Shedd Aquarium. We tried, but it was closed for construction one time and another time we went on a day they weren't open. Those failed attempts inspired me to write about the Shedd in Stella before even seeing the inside. And writing about the Shedd, also gave me the perfect excuse to make a trip to visit.

I knew I had to see the Shedd in person to really capture the setting. I needed to see the aquatic creatures and details with my own eyes. Thankfully, the trip and Shedd didn't disappoint. Plus I got to spend a fun filled weekend with one of my oldest friends, Chris Pollard. Here are just a few pictures. Hope you enjoy!

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