Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Stella Díaz Has Something To Say Blog Post #2

It's 5 more weeks before Stella Díaz Has Something to Say hits the bookshelves. In today's post, I thought I would share a little bit about my family since they are huge inspiration for the book. Here are 4 fun facts.

1. Growing up, we went on many little adventures together, but instead of Wisconsin, we did ours more in Texas. Here my brother Alejandro and I are posed next to Grendel the dinosaur at the Natural Bridge Caverns.

2. There really was a betta fish in our household named Nacho, but he was my mom's fish. My mom talked to him much more than I ever did.

3. Back then I was always my silliest and most carefree with my family, but outside of home I was often shy. Similar to the book, I struggled with my English and Spanish and even took Speech Classes. Unlike brave Stella though, I didn't really grow out of it until college.

4. Thanksgiving time at our house meant and still means Picadillo time. It's a delicious ground beef dish with olives and onions. It's what we look to most at Thanksgiving or at least I do. If you have never tried it, I recommend trying this recipe. It's a little more complicated than what my family does, but it's delicious. 

Happy Holidays! If you'd like to preorder Stella Díaz Has Something to Say click here. 

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