Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Shelf Awareness Review for Knit Together

Shelf Awareness just wrote a lovely review for Knit Together and here it is!

"In her warm mother-daughter story, Angela Dominguez (Let's Go, Hugo!) demonstrates the combined efforts of collaboration and creativity.

"This is me," says the girl narrator, "I love to draw." She makes crayon portraits of her Chihuahua, a flower and more (including a picture of Dominguez's bird star Hugo). "Mom doesn't draw. Mom knits." The narrator wishes she could knit because "you can wear it!" On a cool day at the beach, mother, daughter and dog model the fruits of the woman's labors: matching red scarves and a sweater for the pooch. Back at home, the girl imagines things she could knit if she knew how (e.g., "finger puppet gloves"), so "I ask Mom to show me." A series of vignettes depicts the girl's attempts; frustrated, she colors the underside of a table. "Mom says it's okay," then shows her daughter how her drawings inspire her knit patterns. That gives them an idea. A sundrenched double-page spread of mother and daughter (plus their dog) on the beach sets the scene for "inspiration time. Mom says sometimes the best ideas come when your brain is resting." Another series of vignettes chronicles the creative process: "There are slow starts, and squiggles, and knots," she says, "But then I have it!"

The mother permits her daughter to explore her ideas, only stepping in when she's about to give up. After a process of trial and error, the rewards of the narrator's success are even greater. Dominguez pulls all of the details together into the revelation on the final pages. --Jennifer M. Brown, children's editor, Shelf Awareness
Discover: A mother and daughter combine their talents into a standout collaboration. "

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