Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hooray for Santiago Stays Reviews!

My upcoming book Santiago Stays (which will be on  bookshelves September 3rd) is getting great Reviews from Publisher's Weekly and Kirkus:

I've posted the Kirkus Review below and a link to Publisher's Weekly.


Why won’t Santiago come?

In this simple tale of pet camaraderie, a boy tries to play with his dog, plying him with ever-escalating enticements. A toy, a ball, a walk, a treat? A very special treat? Various options are presented in minimal, conversational text, with accessible pictorial cues to let young listeners and readers figure out precisely what is being offered. Warm, colorful, digitally enhanced illustrations rendered in pencil, ink, marker and tissue paper are the focus here, as the lovable, resolute pup and his very determined boy each try to communicate in his own way. But wait! What’s that cry coming from the corner? The boy’s sister, of course! And as Santiago knows, she needs to know she is not alone. “Don’t cry. / We’re here! // Good boy, Santiago,” the boy says, recognizing both very special members of his family. While not stated, the boy seems to be of Hispanic or Latino origin, adding a subtle, multicultural flavor to this appealing, straightforward selection.

Dog lovers and older siblings alike will bask in the quiet humor as they try to solve this gentle canine mystery. (Picture book. 2-5)

On a side note, I presented for the SCBWI in Oakland over the weekend. Thank you to Brian Bowes and to the great group of attendees.

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