Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Get Up Offa That Thing"

2012 is proving to be quite a delightful year. I'm about to start my third year teaching at the AAU and wrapping up my book "Let's Go Hugo". It took awhile to get the right look, but under the guidance of my amazing art director and editor... it's there! I'll be delivering the artwork in person in New York, and excited about all the upcoming adventures. In other news, I have two new studio mates. I'll be sad to see Kellie Menendez and Angela Willetts go, but Jen Oaks and Sara Palacios will be wonderful additions to the space.
Lastly, I would like congratulate Helga Theodors at Soup Design. She designed a collaborative calendar I did with a few friends in 2011, and it was runner up in the Creative Quarterly 26! More exciting news to post soon.....but I have to get my hands on a football first.

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SoupDesign said...

Thanks for the mention Angela and your little package the other day :) I loved it! talk to you soon.