Friday, January 09, 2009


1. New Year: Updated Website! You're cordially invited to visit:
2. Secondly, I'm happy to announce I have another picture book for this year. It's about Cuban Americans (Harry N. Abrams). It's a subject that I find very inspiring. Can't wait to get started!
3.Lastly, another sneak peek at one of the Books I"m working on.


EL Gato Negro said...

Just check the web site, your style is coming along very nice i enjoyed everything i saw :) Happy NEw Year!!!

Angela N. Dominguez said...

Thanks dude! You're stuff is looking nice too.

Ruki said...


Congratulations and happy New Year!
YOur work is beautiful, it was nice to see your website finally updated.

Angela N. Dominguez said...

Thank you, Raquel!

Best Best Wishes!

Abigail said...

That parrot has personality! Great perspective. Glad to see you've got interesting projects you're working on. Hope we can finally work together in 2009.


Angela N. Dominguez said...

Thanks Abi! I hope so too! It would be fun.